I’ve decided to reformat In The Wry Podcast, from now on I will no longer be interviewing people. I will have guests from time to time, but now it will just be me talking about whatever bullshit I want to talk about. I’ll drop new episodes every Wednesday! I also decided to scrap the Poison Pizza Podcast. I should have the first new episode for the In The Wry Podcast by next week! I hope you’ll all enjoy the new format.

Last Wednesday I got to perform in front of the biggest crowd of my career at the Kiva Auditorium in Albuquerque! Theo Von was cool enough to give me a guest spot. I’ve known Theo for 11 years, we worked together back then and kept in touch over the years, great dude and his work ethic is incredible. Glad to see that he’s one of the biggest comedians in the world right now!